Bakers Day Out

Bakers Day Out:

akers Day Out

On Thursday, 9th March 2023, we had a Field Trip with a difference. A baking teacher visited the school, and gave the LKG students a first-hand experience on baking cookies. 

Students learnt:

  • Names of the various ingredients used.

  • How each ingredient was put in its proper proportion.

  • Vocabulary words - sifting, mixing, kneading, rolling, moulding, spreading, nozzle, piping bag.

The cookies were moulded and put in the oven for baking.

Students enjoyed using the nozzle to decorate their cookies, they were given a choice to fill it with chocolate or with jam.

After returning to class a colouring worksheet activity further enhanced their learning experience.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:09 Mar,2023

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