Pre-Primary and Primary Section Sports Day

Pre-Primary and Primary Section Sports Day:

Persistence and hard-work changes failure into an extraordinary achievement.
At MSB, we believe that great things come from hard work and perseverance. An extraordinary effort of the students from the pre primary and primary section was witnessed on the 5th March 2023 when The Annual Sports Day was celebrated in the school with great mirth, verve and camaraderie. 
The children practised to the best of their ability and their hard work was clearly seen on the field.

The band display, march past and various other track and field events kept the parents on their toes. The Chief Guest for the day Mr. Vikas Kharadkar also enjoyed and appreciated the performance of the little athletes and also motivated them to do better in future. Winners were rewarded at the end and were also motivated to continue with the same vigour and enthusiasm for their future projects. The program was enjoyed by everyone present on the field.

  • Centre:MSB Bhopal
  • Date:05 Mar,2023

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